Condos Compare: Forest Woods Versus The Clement Canopy

Potential launches

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According to, In the next half of 2016, there will a few great new property launches that will happen, and the one that i am interested in probably Forest Woods by CDL at Lorong Lew Lian, Upper Serangoon and The Clement Canopy By UOL at Clementi Ave 1. Although both are located quite widely apart, these two launches are probably the ones that are developed by the prestigious developer. Talking about CDL and UOL, they have been in the real estate market at least 10-15 years. These names are already a household names to my home seekers and investors.

So far, looking at the past sub-urban developments by CDL like Tree house, The Criterion and Coco Palms, the designs are relatively conservative as in it is much more a squarish type of architectural. This is a safest bet as most home buyers would prefer this type of layout as it is easier to do up the renovation.

On the other hand, UOL, always have themed design. Looking at the latest Principal Garden, it has a “living in a garden” theme, and Botanique at Bartley that is nearly 95% sold til now, and according to my agent friend, the commission was never adjusted since day 1 as the developer is confident in this project, which is the outcome is true, hey 95% sold!

Visit their developer websites if you are keen to register your interest.

Personally i feel that these two developers have been rather consistent in their selling price, therefore the buyers that buy earlier will definitely be the “Earliest Bird”. Or you rather be the “Fatest Worm”? Make your own judgement.

Talk more in my next blog.